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Maintenance easier compared to an automatic movement watch?


A: Yes. Quartz watch movement are way more durable and basically maintenance free during its lifetime, if you do not count changing battery every 2 to 3 years as maintenance.

The reason is there are only a handful of moving parts in a quartz movement, only a few gears involved.

Mechanical watch movements on the other hand, the most basic ones already have over a hundred moving parts, some of them move very fast (the fly wheel, springs, regulators…), one of the slowest ticking mechanical movements tick 18000 times every hour, a majority of them ticks 21800 or 28800, some high beats movement ticks 36000 every hour. They will wear out eventually. To prevent wear the gears shall be washed and the lubricant shall be replaced around every 5 years, and it's not cheap. Usually cost you for at least USD 200 per maintenance for the simplest movement.
A drop of an automatic watch from the table to a hard floor could damage any of the hundreds of the components inside.

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